Distributor Wanted!

Distributor Wanted!

Looking for a new business opportunity? QUADRO The Giant Construction Kit GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, is looking for business partners to handle product distribution all over the world!

QUADRO Is The New Gold

QUADRO has been a growing business since 1979. We have distributors located around the world. It is a highly sought after product, by parents and professionals alike. What is the secret to our success?

For some companies, ensuring a constant flow of revenue means flooding the market with an endless variety of products. And as they are meant to be replaced within a couple of years, they are manufactured in Asian countries with relaxed quality control. Granted, advances in technology and changes in consumer taste makes this, to a certain extent, unavoidable. But we are able to take another path.

QUADRO is manufactured in Germany with the highest quality, locally supplied materials. Our giant construction kits are a classic product in a category all their own. Simple, timeless, resilient — in both concept and execution.

By focusing on one thing and getting it right, we guarantee that it will remain for generations to come. Call it German perfectionism; we call it doing good business. QUADRO’s reputation is what will ensure its continued customer growth and loyalty for decades to come.

That is why selling QUADRO is like investing in your own future. Are you interested?

Who We Are Looking For

You are the right person for the job if you...

  • have time
  • are willing to follow our lead
  • have around $50,000 USD in cash
  • would like to turn it into a profit for a secure future
  • have a warehouse or the possibility of getting one
  • good common sense rather than a business degree 
  • have a long distance phone plan and a powerful computer
  • have knowledge and experience using Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
  • enjoy working directly with customers
  • love children and quality toys

Does this sound like you? Then contact us immediately! We will get back to you within a day or two.