QUADRO Adventure: My First Castle with Ramp
The frame was easy to assemble (spatial imagination required). Our little one likes to climb around on it and uses it as a playhouse — a small place just for him. We are super satisfied!”
Billy is 2
My First Castle with Ramp
12 mo and up
I had this as a kid and loved it! The house was almost always put together, whether it was inside or outside. Now I'm buying one for my son and I'm really excited about the many possibilities!”
Richard is 2, Max is 9½
Active Center and Cozy Corner with Built-in Play Bar, Learning Cube with Storage Space
6 mo and up, 18 mo and up
The QUADRO construction kit is great. Our youngest son received it on his 1st birthday. And it’s not just him who enjoys it — our eldest son (8 years old) loves it too! Would recommend it to anyone.”
Bill is 13 months
The QUADRO construction kits are simply wonderful. Very sturdy, look great and the kids have a ton of fun. Climbing, sliding, jumping — what more do you want!”
Laura is 4½
QUADRO Slip and Slide Extension
The system is flexible and easy to customize to suit the wishes, age and abilities of the children. Changes can be made quickly and simply and ensures that the children remain interested and challenged. The structures can also safely withstand multiple children and their creative ideas by ensuring a stable, well-connected design. Whether playing house, hide and seek, sliding, or climbing, this is a hit for our children and their friends!”
M. Ross
Tamina is 8
Climbing House with Ladder and Modular Slide
24 mo and up
I teach 2 to 5-year-olds with disabilities. It’s difficult where to begin listing the benefits of QUADRO — from the fine and gross motors skills training to the infinite variety of structures which can be created. We build something new every 2-4 weeks to follow the themes we teach. The children love it! It's hard to consider my classroom without QUADRO.”
Barbara Tames, School Teacher
Buchanan, VAUnited States
Lara is 12 months
The Learning Tower
18 mo and up
We bought QUADRO after seeing it at a friend’s place. We are still very excited about it. It’s stable and sturdy and we have no doubt that it can be used just as well in 5 years.”
Lara is 9½ months
Large Water Play Table with Storage Box
24 mo and up
Our son got the BASIC on his 1st birthday. Then came the slide on his 2nd birthday. And we’ll expand with the pool this summer. He loves his QUADRO and can use it indoors during the cold season. In short, a great product that I definitely recommend.”
Mira is 4
QUADRO Speedster
3 yr and up
We are very pleased with our QUADRO playcenter. We are especially pleased with the safety features. The playcenter is perfectly stable, yet the portability feature allows us to move it when we require additional space. Just what we needed for our indoor play area.”
Ellen Berju, Child Care Director
Cherry Hill, NJUnited States
Lara is 6 months
We inherited our QUADRO two years ago and have been using it ever since. Except for a few scratches you still won’t find anything wrong with the parts!”
Benno is 4, Sophia is 5
Huge Water Tower with Modular Slide and Pool L
3 yr and up
We've already bought two kits and are very satisfied. My 3-year-old twins love playing with it very much. I spent a weekend to combine these kits and it brought back feelings of childhood. You can really let your imagination run wild. And we've created something which I think not everyone has in their garden.”
Timo is 5, Anita is 3½
Playhouse with Small Cave
24 mo and up
We've built a football goal, a house and a small tower for the kids pool. With the help of a computer program you can design many other models yourself and order the additional components from QUADRO. That's how we created a bigger climbing house — the kids love it!”
Laura is 4½
QUADRO Evolution: Baby Castle with Ramp (A0136)
The quality of QUADRO is top notch. You can let your fantasy run wild and always build new things. And after some time, it can be expanded. We’re already looking forward to the summer to put it together in our garden!”
Richard is 2
Baby Castle with Ramp
12 mo and up
Our little daughter loves her QUADRO and joyfully climbs and crawls all around. It’s incredible easy to put together and the construction manual leaves no questions.”
Lara is 6 months
Mom’s new hobby. Super quality and simply safe!”
Hannah is 1½
The Learning Tower
18 mo and up
QUADRO is top-of-the-line and very easy to handle.”
Lara is 12 months
Hole Panel Playpen with Tunnel and Baby Slide
12 mo and up
Made in Germany Since 1979

The Giant Construction Kit with Unlimited Possibilities

Perfect for any age

Promotes motor skill development

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

Easy-to-connect plug-in system

Built to last for generations

Grows with your child


Start with the perfect size
and grow from there.

From cribbler
to crawler

QUADRO is baby safe.
No harmful chemicals.
PVC and BPA free.
100% recyclable.

For the little
da Vincis

When they hit a creative streak, QUADRO can adapt.

For the movers
and shakers

QUADRO promotes gross motor skill development and spatial thinking.

For the bravest

QUADRO is durable, made from the highest quality materials.

To boldly go...

QUADRO can't be outgrown. Create new designs, buy expansion kits, pass it on to the next generation.

  • Safe
  • Creative
  • Active
  • Durable
  • Expandable

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