1,65 × 0,48 × 0,9 m

A QUADRO Classic

The MODULAR SLIDE is compatible with the entire product range (since 1979) as well as any future models. It comes with a QUADRO construction frame providing greater stability. The frame consists of 54 QUADRO components including tubes, connectors and screws.

Water Fun

Easily connect a standard garden water hose to the MODULAR SLIDE to convert it into a water slide! In combination with the QUADRO POOL L (11670), you get a fully operational water slide with pool.

Combine Slides

It is possible to extend the length of the slide by combining the MODULAR SLIDE with the QUADRO CURVED SLIDE (10020) or another MODULAR SLIDE. Corresponding model designs showing a combination of MODULAR SLIDE and/or CURVED SLIDE can be found in the QUADRO Model Database.